Learning Guitar With CoolURLz

Hey there. Jimmy here with CoolURLz and we’re going to discuss what’s going to be in this site. So what’s this all about? CoolURLz is nothing but an awesome site with beginner guitar lessons. All you’re going to see here are a bunch of information regarding guitars in general, basic guitar tips, guitar reviews, accessory reviews, and other crazy stuff that will catch my interest.

So… why do you want to be good in guitars anyway?

Guitar has many benefits. It exercises our brain. It makes us more creative. It challenges our brain to improve. It makes us more attractive and awesome. Most importantly, it makes us express our passion with music.

Music is everything! Without music, our life will be black and white. It will be dull and boring. Everybody loves music. It’s a part of our everyday lives. That’s the reason why musicians are very attractive and well respected.

My first beginner guitar tips

1. Keep at it – stay hungry for your development. Have the burning desire to push yourself to your limit. It can be hard at times, especially when you’re starting out. It can hurt your fingers real bad! And that’s okay. That’s part of it and you’ll get used to it in time.

2. Practice the easiest songs first – most guitar players learn with basic songs first. Why? Because it’s easier. Duh! Knowing 4 chord songs is the best thing ever. After you master one basic song, you’ll feel accomplished and satisfied. You’ll feel like you can conquer the world. World domination, baby!

3. Practice at your own pace – some people want to practice 4 hours per day, some want 4 hours per week. How much time do you want to give? Don’t listen to those who are pushing you to practice 25 hours per day. Playing guitar should be enjoyed. Unless you have a big performance in your school tomorrow, of course.

4. Follow the people you admire – modeling yourself with the musicians you like is the best way to learn guitar. Pick the top 5 musicians that you like and then observe their style. In time, you’ll have a style you can call your own. Even famous musicians do this. They model themselves with the best musicians of their time. And with enough practice, they form their own unique sound that they can call their own.

5. Try to practice with a friend – there’s nothing better than practicing with a friend. Try to schedule once a week sessions with a friend. Of course, you have to practice the songs at home first. So that when you jam with a friend, you’ll sound spectacular.

So that’s it for this post. Remember to keep at it. Everything in life takes time. It may take you 5 weeks or 5 months to learn your first song. It doesn’t matter. Just keep at it. Before you know it, you’re playing the most awesome songs you’ve been dreaming about playing for years.